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65th Annual Treasure Hunt Theme and Poster: Jackass to the Future

Grab your hoverboard and…JACKASS TO THE FUTURE. Remember – where we’re going, we don’t need roads! We will see you all on October 24th 2015.

Jackass to the Future

We have secured Westworld in lieu of our beloved and CLOSED Pinnacle Peak Patio. Check back soon for more details.

Don’t forget – THIS IS the year that the Cubs will win it all!

Cubs Win!







2015 Hunt Date Announcement

Attention, Hunters!
With the impending closure of Pinnacle Peak Patio, our beloved venue for the awards ceremony for many years, you may be wondering about the status of the Arizona Treasure Hunt.
Fear not, avid Hunters! Your Hunt Committee has been working tirelessly to make this an evening of enchantment you will not soon forget. So dust off your ten-foot poles and dry clean your radiation suits. The date has been set!
October 24th will be your 2015 date with destiny! Don’t forget to tell your friends and co-workers to join in on the fun. Check back here or on our Facebook page for updates.



Order T-Shirts, Cluebooks or Maps…last chance

Hello hunters…the storefront is open again in case you missed t-shirts, maps or cluebooks. Last chance to order!!!

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Congratulations are in order!!!

1st Place goes to Car 49 – I Solved a Clue Today, Oh Boy

2nd Place goes to Car 63 – Awesome Sauce

3rd Place goes to Car 43 – A Hard Day’s Night

Highest finishing Pro Team goes to Car 19 – Eureka!, 2nd overall.

Highest finishing Rookie Team goes to Car 89 – Those Meddling Kids, 61st overall.

Results have officially been posted so go on and take a peek in the Archives.

Here’s a song that the Chair wrote for the winners:

I read the news today oh boy

About a lucky(?) team who won the Hunt

And though the news was rather sad

Well I just had to laugh

I saw the photograph…





Thank YOU for a wonderful evening!

The 64th Hunt is now one for the books!! Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed one of the most beautiful evenings in Hunt history.

Photos have been posted. Please note that official results and statistics will be up shortly. Clue Site Y was damaged late in the evening, and we are making sure that all results and statistics reflect this event. In the meantime, if you have comments/input regarding the Hunt, we would love to hear from you:

Heartfelt thanks again from the Committee to all of the friends, family, volunteers and businesses who helped us put the Hunt together this year. It truly wouldn’t be possible without you!


Links on HWOW

Hello Hunters,

Wizard Central received an email late last night that the links on the HWOW might not work on a Mac. The HWOW was heavily tested on 1/2 Mac and 1/2 Windows, so this should work. Technology being the way it is…we wanted to be sure that you had the links either way. Thank you!


Hello Hunters! Hunt night reminders!!! November 8th…When I’m 64!!!

The hunt is almost here, but even John, Paul, George and Ringo would know to fill out the Liability Waiver which is required by all hunters! Please see attached for this form and the Rookie Guide in case you need to brush up on strategies.



Thank you!


Last Call for…T-Shirts, Cluebooks and Maps!

The 90th and final team has registered!  Five Rookie teams, four Pros, and eighty-one in-betweens will be lurching off into the desert night in 32 short days in search of those second place t-shirts.  We are keeping the registration portal open until Sunday evening to allow last minute orders for t-shirts or extra cluebook and maps.


Registered Teams List is Posted!

Hello Happy Hunters!

Please click here to see your name!

Wizard Committee


13 Minute Reminder for Registration

Please note that registration is capped at 90 teams. Reservations past that number will be placed on a waitlist.

So head on over to the Store/Registration page and get your keyboard ready for 20:14!

Happy Hunting!!

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