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Hello Hunters

The last stretch of the most famous American highway (Route 66) disappeared in 1985. Last weekend, the 66th Annual Treasure Hunt was officially decommissioned. With a supermoon guiding the way nearly 500 hunters enjoyed another challenging hunt.

Congratulations to Pro-Team Eureka – 19 clues, no emergencies… wonder they have so many patches on their hats.

LumberJackasses won for the 2nd time (2009 and 2016)

The Kicks who are the ‘real’ winners in 2nd place

Donkey Hote safely in 3rd place

Wizard favorite team name: Everyone Remembers Their First Time

Top Rookie Team: Simulating

The year of preparation has been challenging and we are grateful to have a committee of dedicated and creative wizards who sacrificed personally to sustain the six-decade hunt tradition.

A successful hunt requires large force of volunteers, thank you to the many friends and family who came out Saturday to assist in the execution of the Treasure Hunt.

We hope to see you all again next year!


66 TH Committee


Please give us your Feedback!

For those of you who participated in Hunt 66:

Our survey is still open! We appreciate your feedback as we work to make the Hunt even better. Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions at:

Thank you!


2016 Winners and Results

Here are the results for the 66th Annual Arizona Treasure Hunt. Thanks to everyone for making this such an enjoyable Hunt Night!

2016 results

2016 statistics


We’re 48 from 66! Here are a few final reminders:

Please remember that Check Out opens at 5pm, and not before. Please plan accordingly — and don’t forget your Liability Waiver forms (on our website).

  1. Please remind your team that we clearly mark each clue type at each clue site. You NEVER need to touch, handle, or otherwise manipulate a visual clue! Please ensure everyone leaves the clue exactly as they found it – so other Hunters have the same experience you have. Similarly, you NEVER need to take out screws, remove tape, or otherwise dismantle ANY working visual clue in order to solve it! Please respect your fellow Hunters in this way.
  2. The traffic flow at Check In has been changed — please see the diagram attached. This diagram will also be in your Brown Bag.
  3. This year we will not be handing out a Hunt statistics sheet after the Hunt results are announced. We realized that many of these were not used and, therefore, we were wasting paper. The Hunt statistics, and the results, will be posted to the Hunt website as soon as we complete the announcement of the winners. We will have two copies per team of the results sheet printed and ready for you as you exit.
  4. Please designate, in advance, one person to pick up printed results (if you want them) and one team member to make the initial hit on the website for the results and statistics. If all 468 of us try to get at the site as soon as the results are announced, it will probably overload!

Thank you for joining us on Hunt 66! We are looking forward to a great evening!

Your Hunt 66 Committee



Important Information About Hunt 66!

We’re now a week away from the 66th Annual Arizona Treasure Hunt! Here is some important information for you and your team.

The Hunt will begin in the traditional location, near the southwest corner of Pima and Pinnacle Peak Roads.
The fun will begin at 5:00 PM sharp (not a minute earlier) when we open up registration, the Hunt night displays, and line and T-shirt sales. Your team can spend the next hour pondering the displays, catching up with old friends, and contemplating whether the $5 you spent on line sales was worth it. We’ll close the registration and display area at 6:00PM — the first van will depart at 6:15 precisely.

Please remind your team that we clearly mark each clue type at each clue site. You NEVER need to touch, handle, or otherwise manipulate a visual clue! Please ensure everyone leaves the clue exactly as they found it – so other Hunters have the same experience you have. Similarly, you NEVER need to take out screws, remove tape, or otherwise dismantle ANY working visual clue in order to solve it! Please respect your fellow Hunters in this way.

Five hours after we start, the night will end again at:
Monterra at Westworld.
16601 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
33.633232 N 111.884714 W

We have worked hard to ensure that you will get a nice 3 course dinner, including a pasta entrée, that will be served efficiently! We’ll also have some of the clues you may not have reached on display for you to puzzle over.

One final reminder:
To ease congestion at the sites, we may (or may not) provide more than a single version of a visual clue and more than two copies of a working visual clue at a clue site. Previously, the number of copies of a clue at a site identified whether a clue was a visual or working visual. We are now explicitly labeling the type of clue on the outside of the clue binder present at the clue site to prevent any confusion. For example, a binder may now say “Clue A – Working Visual.”


Final Call To Get Your Kicks!

This is a final call for teams interested in joining us on the 66th Annual Arizona Treasure Hunt on November 12th 2016! Join 78 other teams to chase that elusive, and victorious, 2nd place finish on Hunt 66.

Your Committee has been working hard to design a fun and challenging Hunt. We have worked extensively with our post-hunt venue at Westworld to ensure we have a smooth and efficient flow for dinner and a fun post-Hunt experience.

Looking forward to seeing YOU on Hunt 66!

Your 2016 Hunt Committee


Looking to join a team or fill your team?

If you are a team looking for one more team member, or a person looking for a team, email the committee at and we’ll do our best to match you up!

Quick reminder: Registration is still open if you are thinking of Hunting wth us this year!


2016 HWOW now available

Registration will be closing soon! If you, or your friends, would still like to Hunt this year, now is the time to get registered.

See you on Hunt 66!


HWOW Announcement

Need a Hint? 

Here’s one! We’re approximately 66 hours away from posting Hints Wise and OtherWise.

We’ve been ensuring that HWOW contains many useful, precisely-worded Hints that you will need to solve some of the clues on Hunt 66. However, we are pretty confident that some less useful items have made their way onto the document. So get your thinking caps on and your Googling fingers ready!

A couple of reminders:

Registration is still open! Please let your friends know and encourage them to join us on Hunt 66!

Be sure to check your registration details if you haven’t done so already.


Hunt Registration Is Still Open

Registration for the 66th Annual Arizona Treasure Hunt (November 12th, 2016) is still open!

If you’ve been thinking of joining us this year, make sure you register your team soon! Follow the above link to the Store/Registration.

Do you have friends who might be interested in Hunting? Make sure to point them to the Hunt Docs section, where there is a useful Rookie Guide for new and potential teams to learn more about the Hunt. And be sure to encourage them to register!

We’ve recently updated the registration list, if you have registered already, a quick reminder to head over to the 2016 Registered Teams link to ensure your registration is correct.

See you at Hunt 66!

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